Your choice in workout clothing sets you apart from the rest of the gym. It makes you an individual.  Some things provide function, while others provide aesthetic stimulus.  Either way, if you look like a beast and feel like a winner, you will perform like a champion.  So obviously if you want to be a champion, you have to dress like one.  Here are 7 of the most amazing trends in workout clothing and apparel.

7. The V Cut Shorts

v cut shortsThe V cuts are thought to originate in the 80’s with NBA star Larry Bird, but in actuality these shorts have been a bodybuilding staple since the 70’s.  These shorts allow for extensive range of motion in the leg and hip area, while showing off your amazing quads.  These shorts epitomize fashion and function.

Someone who wears this garment might say: “You look thick.  How much do you squat?”

6. Zubaz

zubaz2Zubaz swept the nation in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The reason for this is simple.  They tuck into your high tops easily, they have wide legs for your massive thigh gains, and simply put… they are beautiful.  The zebra print kept all of your friends on their toes as they tried to guess what sports team your Zubaz represented.  Was it the New Your Giants or the Buffalo Bills?  No one knows.  That’s why tucking in your shirt while wearing these gems is imperative.  If your shirt isn’t tucked, you can’t show everyone the team insignia printed along the waistband.  These pants are fashionable and also send a message of sports team allegiance to all of your friends.

Someone who wears this garment might say: “I’m not a Raiders fan but these Zubaz look awesome in black and silver.”

5. Leg Warmers

leg warmers Leg warmers are an essential part of aerobic and group fitness.  If you head into a group training class and your fitness instructor does not have leg warmers on, just leave.  The lack of proper calf and ankle fashion shows that she is not fit to be a group fitness instructor.  She will probably have you on your feet doing lunges, squats and maybe even some push ups.  Anyone who is wise and has been around since the 80’s knows that aerobic fitness is done best while laying on your back and moving your leg around in the air.  The only time you should be on your feet is if you are marching in place or stepping up and down on a box that is no taller than one foot.

Someone who wears this garment might say: “Today we are Sweatin’ to the Oldies!”

4. The Stringer Top

stringer bodybuilding The stringer is the perfect shirt for those that don’t want to wear a shirt.  This fact makes the stringer the perfect compromise for that absurd “no shirt, no service” rule.  The stringer is perfect for the person that likes to bend the rules and live on the wild side, while still keeping some type of professional persona.  In essence it is the mullet of t-shirts.

Someone who wears this garment might say: “Dude, it so is a shirt.  You can barely even see my nipples.”

3. The Weight Lifting Belt

  weight lifting belt curls If you thought the weight lifting belt was strictly for core support on big lifts like squats and deadlifts, you are way wrong.  Your belt is a fashion accessory, just like your IPod.  It must match your shoes, socks, and any other subtle color undertone found in your Zubaz.  If you take your belt off while doing smaller movements like bicep curls or crunches, you are doing it wrong.  The weight belt should go on before beginning your warm up and shouldn’t come off until you finish your post workout protein shake.  If you happen to make the rookie mistake of not having a protein shake available immediately after your last set of wrist curls, don’t take the belt off until a shake is available.  If you have to keep the belt on for the entire car ride home, so be it.  We are talking gains here.  You don’t want to waste your efforts in the gym do you?

Someone who wears this garment might say: “Squatting is bad for your knees and I have a bad back anyway.”

2. High Socks

high socks Nothing says “serious lifter” more than florescent colored, high socks. It has been scientifically proven that women who wear high socks while deadlifting increase their 1RM by 20%.  I am under the assumption that this is the reason why so many women wear these fashionable PED’s.

Someone who wears this garment might say: “I won’t eat sweet potatoes because it’s not paleo.  By the way, did you happen to see where I put my protein shake?”

1. The Fanny Pack

 fanny pack chuck norris The Fanny Pack screams convenience.  They are perfect for storing simple carbs like tater tots or even protein sources like fish and turkey-ham.  You forever remain anabolic when you sport a fanny pack.  The fanny pack is also great for holding important personal items like a hand mirror so you can continue mirin all of your back gains.  Without your fanny pack, carrying around essential accessories like this would not be possible.  Not to mention that if you find that perfect placement on your waist and cinch the fanny pack just right, you can completely accent your V taper.  The fanny pack is a complete must for anyone serious about fitness.  Even Chuck Norris wears one!

Someone who wears this garment might say: “I love my new acid wash fanny pack.  They match my jean shorts perfectly.”

There you have it!  7 terribly awesome trends in workout clothing and apparel.

So did I miss anything? Leave your comments below!