While perusing online I have found numerous fitness and exercise fails posted all over the web. It is time to compile 10 of the best and most epic fitness fails in one post! Strap in and hold on kids. It is going to be a rough ride.

10. Future yoga instructor…
yoga fail

9. Talk about being close with your workout partner….

fitness fail

8. A great snatch with ….

breaking mirror gif

Seven years bad luck……

7. This must be a new style of elite ninja training …

squat fail

6. Rule number 1 for creating a pull up apparatus… attach it to something that doesn’t move.

pull up fail

5. Plug it in… plug it in. Remember that commercial?

vagina plug in

4. Warning: Do not use if you are a complete moron.

pull up fail 2

3. Six pack made easy!

ab hancer

2. “Like, pole dancing is like great for the core.”

pole dancing fail

1. Home constructed pull up bars…. a viral YouTube video waiting to happen…


Now that you made it through this fitness fail compilation… give a round of expert high fives…

chris bosh five fail

And pass this post on to a friend!