new years resolution gymIt’s the New Year! Time for new beginnings, new accomplishments, and most likely of all… new failures.  That’s right! Most New Year’s resolutions burn, crash and fail miserably.

I don’t tell you this to discourage you, I tell you this simply to educate you.  I don’t want you to be the next New Year’s resolution gym casualty.  I’m looking out for you my friend.

Here are the 5 reasons most New Year’s resolutions end up in failure.


5. Unrealistic Goals and Mindset

People get discourage way too easily.  This occurs because most expect instant gratification and have an extremely unrealistic time table set for goal accomplishment.  This mind set is perpetuated by faulty fitness products and companies that promise “fast results” and “easy” gimmicks to “get in the best shape of your life!”

Throw these misconceptions out the window and understand that getting fit is a process that is best done slowly and methodically.  Don’t get impatient or discouraged if the pounds don’t start immediately flying off.  In time, you will get to where you need to be.


4. Uneducated

People don’t spend time researching and educating themselves.  Blindly trying to reach a  goal is one of the worst things you can do.  A blind journey will leave you feeling as if you are working hard while making sacrifices, yet you aren’t getting the results you desire. This feeling can be crippling to your moral and will increase the chances that you quit trying and inevitably fail.

With that being said, a little bit of time invested into research and education on the topics of health and fitness can go a long way. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to learn it all before you start.  But, you should have some basis of fundamental education if you want to work toward a specific goal.

Going on an uneducated journey to a fitter and better you, is like me having a New Year’s resolution to become a hair dresser and immediately jumping into cutting and styling people’s hair.  Then, getting discouraged when my friends hair turns out like this….


Any logical person would say I am an idiot for being discouraged at the results because I know absolutely nothing about being a hair dresser.  To put it bluntly, this failure was inevitable.

The same can be said for you and your New Year’s resolution fitness goals.  Educate yourself.  To help you, I have put together a beginner’s fitness guide.  Check it out.  It’s a great start!


3.  Too Much, Too Soon

People love to dive head first into something.  Moderation is for the unmotivated right?  Wrong… Dead Wrong.  Thanks B.I.G.

If you think you can change your diet, your activity level, your sleep patterns, quit smoking, become a better employee, and spend more time with your significant other all at the same time you are delusional.

It’s all about the baby steps.  Tackle one thing at a time and don’t spread yourself too thin.

This clip from one of my favorite movies, What About Bob, will help emphasize my point…..


2. Listening to Your Friends

Your friends usually don’t know a damn thing about fitness.  Advice usually comes with good intentions, but most are ignorant as hell.  Some will have you eating nothing but rice and vegetables.  One might try to hook you up with some fad cookie diet.  The other might have you putting saran wrap on your thighs.  Another might get you to eat noting but fatty meats and bacon.  And some might even have you doing pointless feats of exercise like this abomination….


medicine ball push up world record

mortons salt

Stick to proven, safe, effective workout programs and balanced diets (No Gimmicks!).  Also, get your fitness information from credible sources and always take your friend’s advice with a grain of salt big enough to fill a family sized Morton’s jar.


1. Set Goals and Be Real

This is often the most difficult.  People lose scope when they set only long-term goals.  Instead, set small goals that will help you achieve your long-term.  Think back to the baby steps!

Reflecting on these short-term goals on a regular basis is also extremely helpful, but only when you are honest with yourself.  If you sucked this week then take accountability and address your suckiness by coming up with ideas to make you more successful.  Then, implement these ideas and make adjustments to your plan.

I suggest keeping a journal or using a note pad app on your phone to reflect and track your progress.

To educate yourself on goal setting (You didn’t forget about #4 already did you??)  check out this article!


Hopefully these ideas help you along the way.

If you have any questions about fitness or exercise you can do a few things…

I would love to help out in anyway possible, so don’t be shy.  Send me a message!

Thanks and good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!