baby lifterSo as the New Year embarks upon us, many will find a new found interest in fitness. That newly found interest will last for approximately 3 weeks, then 95% of the new comers will never see the gym again. Their consolation price for their efforts will be paying the “fat tax” for the remainder of the year. For those who don’t want to be one of those statistics, here are 5 things you should NOT do as you embark on your New Years Resolution fitness journey.

1. Messing Around
Don’t mess around in the gym. Have fun but take things seriously. Stay focused. No one wants to be around girls giggling, laughing and literally saying “OMG” out loud. Don’t take up space unnecessarily and don’t speak in text talk acronyms. Go into the gym with a plan and make it a business trip, not gossip and play time.

2. Not Putting Equipment Back
If you grab a dumbbell put it back! If you use the leg press clear the weight off once you are finished. Your mom isn’t here to clean up after your lazy behind! Think of the “clean up” experience as adding to your workout. It takes a lot more effort and burns a lot more calories to lift a 45 lb plate and place it on a rack then it does to pick up a 1 lb plate and place it under the rack… of ribs you are about to eat. Every little bit counts and cleaning up is just another way to add to your workout!

3. Ignorance and Creating Ridiculous Exercises
Go into the gym and know what the heck you are doing. Do not go into the gym clueless. No one wants to be around people who waste time and precious gym space by doing made up exercises and things like this:
funny fitness gif

Your best bet is to stay basic. Stick to horizontal pushes and pulls, vertical pushes and pulls, squats and deadlifts. These are the basic movement patterns that you should be developing. Also, work on developing control of your body by building strength and stability in your core. Exercises like planks are great for this. For a comprehensive weight training routine check out my Strength Training for Beginners workout program. Remember, it takes time to see results so be consistent and stick with it. Patience, dedication and consistency will allow you to be successful.

4. Pride Lifting
You just started working out, don’t try lifting the entire gym. Check your ego at the door young grass hopper. No one cares how much weight you can improperly bench. I don’t want to have to abandon my workout to save your life. Lift smart and be under control of the weight. Lighten it up son!

5. Couthlessness

Understand proper gym etiquette. Be polite. Be courteous of other people and their space. Basically, just be a decent human being. It sounds like common sense but apparently “common” sense isn’t all that common.

For more on gym etiquette check out my article on the 10 Things That Offend Me at the Gym.

By taking all of these things into consideration you will be sure to blend into the gym atmosphere and be successful. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. All of my social media profiles can be found in the right side bar!