Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently put together an awesomely funny video where he poses as a manager of a Gold’s Gym.  He goes around the gym trolling super hard while most people seem to have no idea who he is.

My question is, how can you mistake that voice?!?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and a company called the After School All-Stars have put this video together to help raise awareness and money for after school programs.  Studies have shown that students who participate in extra curricular activities do better in school and are overall more successful, so this truly is a great cause.

In edition to this funny video, Arnold has promised to match every donation dollar for dollar!  Gotta love that.

As a bonus, you and a friend can win a trip to Los Angeles where you both will have the opportunity to hang out with Arnold for the day, workout together and take a ride in a tank!

This is better than Commando!

For details and donations check out their website: