Basketball incorporates speed, agility, explosiveness, and both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Team work, spreading the court (spacing), and proper fundamental techniques will help a team become successful in this game.


*Rules are Modified to Create a Safer Physical Education Environment*

FOULS: Fouls will result in awarding the team that is fouled possession of the ball. Students that repeat fouls that are deemed unsafe and dangerous will be ejected from the game at the teachers discretion.

Blocking- Impeding the progress of an opponent by extending one or both arms horizontally or getting in the path of a moving player.

Charging- Running into a stationary player while you are moving with the ball.

Hacking- The player hits the arm or hand of the person holding or shooting the ball.

Holding- the player holds the person with or without the ball

VIOLATIONS: Violations result in a change of possession with the team in bounding the ball at the side line opposite where the infraction took place.

Traveling- Moving with the ball without dribbling

Kick ball- When the ball is kicked by a player

Double dribble- A player dribbles the ball with both hands at the
same time or they stop and then start dribbling again

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