batdadHave you ever watched the Dark Knight series and wondered: “Why does Christian Bale talk so ridiculously when he is dressed as Batman?” Well now I know why. He was practicing his child disciplining tone for his future endeavors as BatDad!

BatDad creates small snippets of video that take child discipline and flips it on its head. He teams up with his Robin (His wife Jen) to instil positive morals and values in their children!

This is a fun and entertaining way to connect with your kids. Just take a look for yourself!

BatDad has generated a pretty large following around the social media circles, and for good reason. His videos are extremely funny, different and entertaining. You can check out more of his compilation videos on YouTube

If you feel the need to follow BatDad, which you should, you can check out his Twitter and Facebook page as well!

So what are your thoughts on BatDad? Which clip is your favorite?

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