sleepHere are 10 awesome and essential benefits of sleep.

1. Live longer: Studies have shown that good sleep habits have been linked to living a longer life.

2. Better Recovery and Gains: Sleep is the time when your body recovers from the wear and tear of the day.  This includes adaptations from your stressful workouts.  Sleep will reduce inflation and allow a person to work harder throughout the day.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health: The cardiovascular system is constantly working to keep us alive.  This can be stressful on the body.  Sleeping allows the cardiovascular system to work at a lower intensity and relieve some of that stress.

4. Reduces Stress: There are so many stressors in life.  Growing tired and weak doesn’t have to be one of them.

5. Improves Memory and Mental Alertness: Proper rest allows the brain and nervous system to work efficiently.

6. Hormone Regulation and Weight Control: Sleep helps regulate hormone balance in the body.  Some of these hormones include the hormones that control appetite.  So sleep well to reduce food cravings!

7. Diabetes: Studies have shown that getting the proper amount of sleep has been linked to a decreasing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

8.  Physical Appearance: People who are tired, look tired!  Looking good equates to feeling good.  Feeling good equates to confidence and success.  Be successful and get your Z’s!

9. Decrease in Mental Illness and Depression:  Sleep helps regulate not only the hormones of the body, but also endorphin production in the brain.  Studies have shown that people who sleep the recommended hours have a lower chance of acquiring mental illness.

10. Less Likely to Get Sick: A rested body is a strong body.  Being strong allows your immune system to fight off pathogens and will decrease your chance of becoming sick.


Here is a chart outlining the proper amount of sleep needed for each age level

Newborns (0-2 months old) 12-18 hours
Infants (3-11 months old) 14-15 Hours
Toddlers (1-3 years old) 12-14 Hours
Pre-schoolers (3-5 years old) 11-13 Hours
School-aged Children (5-10 years old) 10-11 Hours
Teens (11-17 years old) 8-9 Hours
Adults 7-9 Hours


If you have trouble getting the right amount of sleep it is most commonly due to high stress levels.  Decrease your stress by working out, relaxing before sleep and getting things done during the day.  Completing tasks will ease your mind and allow you to relax.

If you find you cannot sleep, get out of bed.  Studies have shown that most people who lay in bed for hours without falling asleep begin to stress about the act of sleeping.  Basically they try too hard to sleep.

Getting out of bed will change your mental focus and you will naturally grow tired.  Sleep is not something a person can force.  It is something that you gradually fall into.  Hence the phrase “falling a sleep.”

Shaping yourself begins with internal change that will manifest itself externally. Proper sleep should be one of your main focuses on your journey to becoming a better YOU.

-Never Stop Shaping