Everyone who has played video games is familiar with titles like Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Double Dragon, Mega Man, Castlevania … and the list goes on. So, the question is: Are there still NES games that you haven’t played that are worth your time? Thankfully, yes there are! Here is my list of the best NES games you never heard of!

7. Power Blade

This game is pretty awesome! It is a platforming game with a similar feel and look as Contra, except with energy! Thank you energy!

You can power up the blade attack which allows you to throw the blade further. There also is a power up you can acquired that will outfit your character in a suite of armor. While wearing the armor the blade become a shooting projectile.

power blade nes

The best part about this game is the fact you can throw the blade at different angles! This was something that boggled my mind because I was so used to playing Castlevania where you could only whip straight out in front of you. Being able to throw the bade in a multitude of directions made the game that much more user friendly.

The boss battles were fun and never too frustrating in my eyes. The game is just flat out fun with amazing controls.

Personal Experience: I remember renting this gem when I was around 10 years old. I had my friends Marcus and Dusty over to play the game and we were all in agreement that this was one hell of a find. We played the game 3-4 times over in the span of 3 days and never growing tired of it.

6. Abodox

Abodox is a challenging, side scrolling flight and fire game. What separated Abodox from other games of it’s type were the disgusting visual images it used. It took advantage of the NES’s very limited graphical capabilities to present a dark and sometimes frightening atmosphere.

Also, this game is HARD!

You get some really cool power ups, but when you die (and you will) you respawn with absolutely nothing! Not to mention the fact that one hit kills you… even walls kill you. EVERYTHING KILLS YOU!

Personal Experience: I most fondly remember playing this game with my cousin Eric. I used to visit him often and we would play video games together for hours. This game stands out mostly because of the frustration that would build. We would die so often and throw so many controllers, that once it was time to go home I was mentally spent! You know you are a video game head when you look back on those feelings of frustration and mental exhaustion as “good times.” But in all honesty, I loved it!

5. Little League Baseball

This was by far and away the best baseball game for the NES. The feel and mechanics of the game were just right. The thing I loved most about this game compared to other baseball games of its time, was the fact that the ball moved at a faster pace. In games like RBI, and Major League Baseball, the ball always seemed to float around rather than move with velocity.

Personal Experience: I loved playing this game against my friends simply for the fact that, I always won! My pitching was monstrous and they lost so often that everyone just stopped playing me. Ah, I love Nintendo!

4. Low G Man

“It was a robot exploration planet like any other.” Reads the first introductory scene to the game Low G Man. Apparently in the future, aka now, there are tons of planets where mankind is producing and experimenting with robot lifeforms. What an amazing idea for a game!

As the Low G Man it is your job to eradicate the robot invasion. To do this you need to shoot enemies with your gun to freeze them and then stick a spear through their frozen bodies to destroy them.

Sounds simple enough!

But it is not. The game starts off rather simple but grows increasingly difficult and frustrating as you move through the levels.

You can power up your character’s gun, jump,and spear. To do this you need to kill enemies and collect the corresponding power up icons that they drop.

The game is long and uses a password system that allows you to continue where you left off. Trust me, you will need to take advantage of this feature!

Personal Experience: I remember playing this game with a bunch of my friends. Mostly I remember playing with my friend Ryan. I let him borrow the game for a week and he wound up beating it before I did. How dare someone beat a game before me! That motivated me to get better simply for the fact that I am highly competitive and I need to be the best at everything that I care about. I then spent hours trying to master the game and eventually conquered the challenge.

3. Monster Party

Monster party is a side scrolling platform game with a very dark, yet fun feel.

The game begins with the protagonist, Mark, walking home from a baseball game. He looks up at a star and notices that it is growing bigger and bigger. This is not a normal star. In fact it is a monster falling to Earth. The monster happens to land in front of Mark. Of course instead of running like most normal people would he asks, “Who are you?”

The monster has the very scary name of Bert. RUN! Anyone named Bert is bad news. (Look out Ernie) Bert takes Mark’s hand and they fly away to fight evil monsters that are taking over Bert’s planet.

The best part is that as a kid this story made perfect sense to me!

Anyhow, let’s get into the game play.

As Mark, you have to use your bat to hit enemies and reflect projectiles. You must enter doorways scattered throughout the level in order to find the key to exit the stage. The catch is that each room has a surprise, so you may walk into a room that contains nothing or it may have an enemy that is so frustrating that you will throw your controller across the room!

Half way through each level the background changes into a deteriorated and ominous presence. This part is awesome and was probably influential in the game Silent Hill. At this point you will receive a power up to change into Bert. As you progress through the game Bert becomes stronger, changes colors and can shoot projectiles further.

monster party nes

Personal Experience: My cousin Eric received this game for Christmas and we played it quite often. I did not get to truly sink my teeth into it this title until he grew bored of it and let me borrow the game. I spent hours playing it over and over.

2. Blaster Master

In the story of Blaster Master a young boy loses his frog and sets out to find him. The frog stumbles into some radioactive material, grows in size and falls down a hole. The kid jumps down the hole after his frog and randomly stumbles upon an awesome tank and space-like suite that is equipped with a gun. Needless to say, the game is totally realistic.

Blaster Master is unique in the fact that it offers two types of game play: it is a side scrolling platformer as well as a top down action shooter.

The top down mode is where the more difficult experience occurs. The enemies in the later levels can be brutal and bullets fly at you from all directions. The only help you receive are the power ups for your gun that drop as you kill enemies. You also have access to grenades but they have such a short range they are almost useless.

At the end of each of these over the top sections you must fight a boss. Once this boss is destroyed you receive a power up for your tank. Usually the power up allows you to enter the next level.

(Ex: Hover system to fly to areas that were not accessible previously, a new gun to break blocks that you could no break previously)

To complete the game you have to backtrack quite a bit. This makes the game challenging and also extremely long. The worst part about this game is that it doesn’t offer any type of save or password system, so unless you have 2 hours to spare I would not suggest embarking on the epic journey that is Blaster Master.

Personal Experience: I remember playing this game over and over. I grew frustrated that I could not save the game so I left my Nintendo on pause over night. I did not want to start over! The next day the game was frozen and rarely worked afterward . I think I fried it. Opps!

1. The Guardian Legend

Similar to Blaster Master, Guardian Legend is complete with two different types of game play. One type is a top down flight shooter while the other is a top down action adventure.

The flight portion of the game is unlike any other. The way the background illustrates the speed of your ship is extremely convincing. It actually gives you the feel of moving lightning fast as well as super slow. It sets the atmosphere perfectly.

The top down portion of the game is complete with power ups, shops, mini bosses and sub weapons. The sub weapons use orbs that you collect. (Think hearts in Castlevania)

guardian legend corridor

There are different corridors you must find and unlock. The difficult part is not finding the corridor, but rather figuring out how to unlock them. Each corridor has a different unlocking process. Some you have to blast your gun at, some have a trick to them, and some open automatically.

Once unlocked, you are thrown into the top down flight mode. At the end of each of these flight levels you encounter a boss that you must defeat. By defeating the level and boss you will receive a key that grants you access to areas you could not previously access in the top down action mode.

guardian legend key

The game repeats this pattern growing more challenging and more amazing as you move forward.

Personal Experience: This was one of my favorite games growing up. I never was able to beat this game until years later when I replayed it. The game gives you a difficult but fair challenge and a real sense of accomplishment once you conquer it. Other people seem to agree. This game actually has a huge cult following and an awesome website dedicated strictly to Guardian Legend talk and strategy! Check it out! http://theguardianlegend.com/

That completes my list! What do you think? Have you played these games before? Do you think these games are worthy of being called the best NES games?

Leave your comments below!