bodybuilding comI have a love/hate relationship with  On one hand they have some excellent resources that many people can find useful and informative.  On the other hand they write articles that disguised as informational articles, but are really glorified advertisements that encourage you to spend your hard earned money on stuff you don’t need….  i.e supplements.

For the average fitness goer or bodybuilder, this type of manipulated information can be damaging and cause a person to waste not only their time, but their hard earned cash.  The whole practice is just slimy and unethical in my eyes, but like I said previously, there are some good things about

The best part about is the extensive exercise library.  In this library you will find almost any exercise, a description of the exercise, what it works, and a tutorial video for each movement.  The library is extensive and can be a real asset to anyone trying to learn how to workout.

The breakdown goes even further.

If you are looking to work your back, click on that body part and a list of exercises are displayed that focus on that particular area of the body.  Perfect!

This can be a truly effective tool for anyone looking to implement fitness and exercise into their life.  To access this exercise library, you can click HERE!

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