lat pullBodybuilding workouts and strength training are two very different animals. These two types of routines are distinctly different, which would make sense because the goals are also very different.

Bodybuilding Workouts

Someone training for bodybuilding wants to sculpt their body. A bodybuilder is not necessarily looking to move heavy weights. They are more interested in increasing their muscle mass (hypertrophy).

This is done with high volume and short rest. A bodybuilding routine will have somewhere between 8-20+ sets per workout, a rep range of 8-12, and rest times will be 60-90 seconds in between sets. These types of parameters have been shown to be ideal for increasing muscle mass.

Strength Training

The idea of strength training is to move as much weight as possible on a given lift. Unlike how bodybuilding focuses on the muscles, strength training targets the nervous system. The goal in strength training is to teach the nervous system to recruit as much muscle as possible at one time. This ultimately is what translates to someones strength.

A strength training routine will usually be light-moderate in volume, low on reps, and long on rest times. Someone who strength trains may perform 5-10 sets of a given movement for reps of 1-5. Rest between sets can last anywhere from 3-6 minutes. This long rest time allows for full recovery so the athlete can move as much weight as possible.

Hybrid Workouts

Bodybuilding workouts vs strength training? How about bodybuilding workouts AND strength training!

Hybrid workouts are a mesh between both bodybuilding and strength training. For this type of routine you will need to complete your power movements at the beginning of the workout. While performing these movements follow strength training parameters: Low reps, high weight, and long rest times. Conclude your workout with smaller movements at higher rep ranges and shorter rest times.

This type of workout allows for someone to build strength and size at the same time. Here is an example of a push/pull/leg hybrid style workout.

Bench Press: 4X3 4 minutes rest
Standing Over Head Press: 4X5 4 minutes rest
Dips: 3X15 2 minutes rest
Cross Overs: 4X15 90 second rest
Push Ups: 3X Failure 60 seconds rest
Triceps Cable Push Downs: 3X15 60 second rest

Bent Over Rows: 4X3 4 minutes rest
Pull Ups: 4X5 4 minutes rest
Single Arm DB Row: 3X8 2 minutes rest
T Bar Rows: 3X10 90 second rest
Rear Delt Raises: 3X15 60 second rest
Barbell Curl: 3X15 60 second rest

Squat: 4X3 4 minutes rest
Lunges: 4X5 4 minutes rest
Leg Press: 3X8 2 minutes rest
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 3X10 90 second rest
Leg Extension: 3X15 60 second rest
Leg Curl: 3X15 60 second rest

If your goal is both strength and size a hybrid workout is best for you!

Feel free to use the workout template provided or make up your own!

Regardless if your goal is strength or hypertrophy, periodization will be key to your success. To read more about periodization click HERE.