Even if you are not a Star Trek fan (I am not) Captain Picard’s face is immediately recognizable. Recently, many people have been creating memes using the good ol’ captain’s mug. This got me thinking…

What would Captain Picard be like at the gym? What kind of fitness advice might the captain give people? Through some research and heavy thinking, I give you: Captain Picard Fitness!

Captain Picard on Instagram

picard fitness chick

Captain Picard’s Take on Heavy Grunting in the Gym

picard curls

Captain Picard’s Locker Room Etiquette

picard locker room

Captain Picard and the Paleo Diet

picard paleo

When Captain Picard Sees You At the Bar

picard do you even lift

Captain Picard’s Progress Tracking

picard gains

Captain Picard on Eating Carbs

picard carbs

Captain Picard’s take on Curling in the Squat Rack

picard curl in squat rack

I hope you enjoyed this little fun take on fitness and Star Trek.  Comment below and let me know if you found this entertaining.  If there is good feedback I may start doing other characters!

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