chuck norris tops jean claude van damme

Who doesn’t love retro 80’s action movies? Even my girl friend gets a “kick” out of a good Chuck Norris flick. Yes, pun intended! Round house that pun action! Boom!

Jean-Claude Van Damme recently was featured doing a split between two trucks in a Volvo commercial. This was an epic feat indeed. But the legend of Chuck Norris will not be outshone! Chuck Norris tops Jean-Claude Van Damme in this awesomely cool video that you have to see to believe.

Both videos are included below. I would suggest starting with Jean-Claude’s video. If you start with Chuck’s you will truly be disappointment in JVC. It will simply ruin the experience. Just like when I slowed down the VHS of Hard Target and saw that all of JVC’s stunts were actually performed by a fat Asian man with a pristine mullet.

Don’t try this at home kids!

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Chuck Norris

Yeah. I know. It is animated. But it surely does add to the myth and legend of Chuck Norris!