weekend warriorWeekend Warriors are the worst.  There.  I said it.

They often are reckless and usually do not heed the warnings of spontaneous, stressful activities.

For those that aren’t aware, Weekend Warriors are the people (usually men 30 years old and up) who do very little activity but randomly decide to become active during some kind of physical event or competition.

The main goal during these events is to one-up their friends in competition.  Some of these events may include, but aren’t limited to:  basketball pick up games, golf, biking, or running.

Because these individuals are deconditioned, events like this usually end badly and are accompanied by all sorts of injuries.

Here are 5 things all of you Weekend Warriors should consider to stay healthy and safe.

1. Warm up

You need to warm up. You are old, deconditioned and haven’t moved in a while.  Start off with some light activity like jogging or even walking. Warming up will do two things for you…

  • Decrease injury by increasing blood flow and allowing for extra pliability in your muscle
  • Give you a gauge to your physical limitations

If you can’t warm up without aching or feel as if you may throw up, competing in a basketball game may not be the best activity for you.

2. Be Smart

Don’t do things you know you shouldn’t do.  If you haven’t ran in months or years, don’t run a marathon without training first.  Build up to the events you want to compete in.

Going hard is overrated.  Go smart instead.

3.  It’s not about where you start, it’s where you finish

If you truly want to be the best, you need to have a long term plan.  Champions aren’t made over night, so don’t expect to randomly lace up the Chuck Taylor’s and hit the streets running.

Create a plan that is specific to the goal you want to achieve.  For more on goal setting check out THIS article.

4. No one actually cares, except you

Your friends like you for who you are, not because you can out bike other 40 year olds.  No one actually cares how well you perform.  True friends will be more concerned with your safety than your performance. If someone judges you because you aren’t diving for rebounds and fly balls, they aren’t a real friend and you don’t need them in your life.

5. Be confident and do it for YOU

I find that a lot of Weekend Warriors try to make up for character flaws or insecurities by going extra hard.

These people got the game twisted!

Improve your character and you will have a more realistic perspective of the importance, or lack there of, concerning these type of events.

How well you perform a physical activity doesn’t equate to how manly or womanly you are.  It simply means you are gifted in that one small facet of life.

Having a strong character is much more impressive than having a strong jump shot.

Instead of randomly going hard in some obscure physical event, ease yourself into being active by setting an ambitious, yet realistic goal to work toward.

Working toward these goals will help you build character traits that will ultimately make you a better person.  Discipline, sacrifice, determination, confidence, and dedication are just a small sample of the characteristics that you will strengthen as you work toward achieving success.

Those who randomly perform well because of natural talents might feel good in the short term, but they never truly develop the type of character traits associated with the hard work it takes to achieve a goal.

Understand that it isn’t about the actual competition or event, it is about the hard work that fosters the positive personality traits that are developed while preparing to be successful at these events.

Do it for the right reasons!

Do it for yourself!