drug educationDrug education is of vast importance.  Informing students of the risk factors associated with drug use is the goal.  When students understand these risks and understand how drugs affect the body, they are more likely to make intelligent and informed decisions on their own.

The more weapons you have in your arsenal, the more effective your message will be.

DrugFreeWorld.org is a great reference that I use to supplement my high school drug lessons.


On the site you will find tons of awesome information on every major drug.

The list includes:  Marijuana, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Inhalants, Heroin, LSD, Tobacco, Ritalin, and Prescription Drugs.

The website also provides you with free informational booklets (in .pdf form or you can pay shipping for hard copies) as well as videos that account people’s first hand experience with drug use and addiction.  The videos are pretty blunt and to the point. Most times the kids are shocked at the things they hear, and this reaction comes as no surprise.

The society we live in often glorifies drug use.  For instance, I often hear students singing about popping mollies because their favorite pop star Miley Cyrus sings about it.  What 14 year old needs to be singing about that?!?

This is only one example of many.

These instances can make your efforts in drug education seem futile, but don’t let that stop you from conveying a strong, informative message.

For more on the drug molly, check out this CNN article.  It is pretty thorough and informative.

I hope you find these references enriching and they help to supplement your lessons on drugs.