ID-10050706It is often a struggle to create lesson plans that encourage fitness. This Folder Fitness lesson plan is a great way to help engage as many students as possible in constructive fitness activities.  This physical education lesson can also work with group training.  

For this lesson, fitness folders will be laid out in a  circle to create a circuit for the students. On these folders there are both visual aids as well as text with instructions indicating how to perform each exercise.  

The students will work at a station until the instructor blows his or her whistle.  The students will then rotate to the next station.

I have added a copy of the information that my folders present.  You are more than welcome to print and use them.  All you need are manila folders and a stapler. Effective fitness lesson plans completed!


Agility station

balance to touch

ball crunch

Cone Shuffle

dumb bell row

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell shoulder press

Jack Knife


Pro Agility

Pull up

Push Up Plank

single leg squat


squat jumps

Squat Thrust

Trunk Twists

Wall Sit


Feature image courtesy of Sheela Mohan /