Floor Hockey is a sport that stresses hand-eye coordination, emphasizes team work and spatial awareness. It is a great activity for overall fitness and is a great character building experience for all involved.


*Rules are Modified to Create a Safer Physical Education Environment*

1. Each game begins with a face off. Each player must hit sticks three times before attacking the ball.

2. NO ONE besides the goalie is to be in the crease area. Goalies may only pick the ball up if it is inside the crease. Once the ball is picked up it may be rolled or placed on the ground and hit by the goalie. It may not be thrown.

3. Hockey sticks may not be raised above the waist. Anything above the waist is considered a high stick. Multiple violations will will land you in the penalty box.

4. If the ball is in the air, a student must catch the ball and place it on the ground.

5. There is no checking, slashing, tripping or any other type of intentional contact allowed during floor hockey.