foundation phase 2

Welcome to Phase 2 of the Foundation Calisthenic Home Workout! In this phase we change the movements from Phase 1 to make them less stable and more difficult.

In Phase 1 pull ups consisted of three variations: underhand flexed arm hang, underhand assisted pull ups, and underhand chin ups. In Phase 2 an overhand grip is used which will make the movement much more difficult. It also will help to focus more on the latissimus dorsi (back muscle). Be sure to use a chair for assistance if the movement is difficult for you.

The squat changes to a lunge. This reduces your base of support and puts most of the resistance on one leg. This requires greater strength in the quadriceps and glutes and more stability in both the lower body and the core. Side lunges are also integrated into this phase. This works the frontal plane of motion and will strengthen a person’s ability to move through all planes of motion.

For more information on the Planes of Motion Click HERE!

The push up also changes. This time your legs ill be propped up on a chair to increase the demands on the core while changing the focus of the movement in the upper body. Elevated push ups focus a bit more on the upper chest and will increase the efficiency of the movement.

Check out these three new variations in the video below!

Planks also have been changed. Now a push up plank is utilized. Also, the base of support is limited by lifting a leg, lifting an arm or both in combination. There also is a tutorial on how to perform a walking plank in combination with push ups. This is a great way to increase the demands on the core while building your chest and increasing you shoulder stability. Talk about efficient!

Crunches have been added to the workout. The resistance to the crunch can be modified by your hand position. The further your hands are from your hips, the more difficult the movement becomes.

Dips are a great multi-joint movement that focus on the triceps. Your chest and shoulders will also assist in the movement. Similar to the sit up, the further the legs move from the hips the more difficult the movement becomes. Play with the leg position and work at the level that works best for you.

The last workout will be a balance activity. This is great for performance and functionality. It also helps your core and increases the stability of the lower body.

Check out these four movements and the variations in the video below!

All you need to do is simply choose the version of each movement that suites your fitness level and perform each of them three times a week on nonconsecutive days. (Ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Modify the volume accordingly. I would suggest starting with 2-3 sets of each movement for 8-10 reps. Once you build your work capacity, increase the volume and begin decreasing your rest between sets.

Here are three examples of programs you can follow using these movements.

Assisted Over Hand Pull: up 2X8
Push Up: 2X10
Push Up Plank: 2X30 seconds
Lunges: 2X8 each leg
Side Lunges: 1X8 each leg
Crunches: 2X10 with hands flat
Dips: 2X10 with feet close
Balance: 2X10 seconds each foot

Over Hand Pull: up 3X8
Push Up: 3X12
Push Up Plank with One Leg Up: 2X15 seconds each leg
Lunges: 3X10 each leg
Side Lunges: 2X8 each leg
Crunches: 3X10 with hands across your chest
Dips: 3X10 with feet mid distance
Balance: 2X10 touches to each foot


Over Hand Pull: up 3X10
Push Up: 3X15
Push Up Plank walks: 3X4 each direction
Lunges: 3X12 each leg
Side Lunges: 2X10 each leg
Crunches: 3X12 with hands over head
Dips: 3X12 with feet extended
Balance: 3X12 touches to each foot

Once you master these movements and can complete all three workout variations, you can perform the exercises in a circuit. This is when you do each exercise one after the other without resting. You only rest once you have completed one set of every exercise. This increases your heart rate and the overall demands on your body.

If you have any questions about phase 2 please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or comment below.

Keep working hard and never stop shaping!