Get in shape with leeLee Dillon has taken the challenge of living a healthy, active lifestyle head on as he shares his adventures and fitness challenges on his YouTube Fitness Channel: Get in Shape with Lee. I have found Lee’s channel exceptionally motivating, so so I approached Lee with the idea of doing a small interview. He was awesome enough to take time out of his day to answer a few questions and tell us a little about himself. Let’s learn who Lee is and what you can expect from him.

1. In a few sentences describe yourself, who you are, what you bring to the table, any qualifications, accomplishments, what you do for work, ect.

Hey guys! My name is Lee Dillon. I have been overweight for the last 15 years or so. I am on this journey to lose weight and get in shape! I have been online blogging for the last 8 years. The past 3 years I have been in the fitness community!

2. What has inspired you to get into fitness and why did you decide to share your journey with the world?

I spent the last 9 years taking care of my Grandmother with Alzheimer’s 24/7 and I was sitting around getting fatter and fatter! I decided that I wanted to change all of that. So when the day comes and I am free of taking care of my grandmother, I no longer had any excuses holding me back from living life again!

3. What can people expect coming to your site/YouTube page?

I am will not push any fad diets! I will pass along any nutritional tips and fitness tips to my audience as I learn them myself. I am constantly doing personal fitness challenges and I show that anything is possible if you push yourself!

4. What are a few tips you can give beginners who are just stepping into a healthy, active lifestyle?

The best tip I can give is to drink plenty of water, do not skip meals, and get moving! Rest days from working out are just as important as working out! So do not workout 7 days a week! I been on a 3 days working out hard 1 day off.

5. We see you are into fitness, but what are some other things you enjoy doing? Tell us something your audience may not know about you.

Well this is tough. Since my grandma passed away a few months ago I have had a hard time discovering myself! I mostly do active things like biking. I will figure out who I am again, but this will take some time!

6. Anything you would like to tell new people coming to your site/YouTube page

Comment and questions! Commenting helps keep you involved! If you ask questions and if I do not know the answer to your question I will do my best to research it and then we both will learn something!

I want to thank Lee for taking time out of his day for this interview. Go check out Lee’s YouTube page as well as his fitness blog. When you comment, be sure to let him know you are from!