6 pack absEveryone thinks there is some magical formula to get six pack abs. I have heard tons of ideas including, but not limited to: doing tons of crunches, running, low carb diets, doing tons of leg raises, and even starvation and dehydration!

To set the record straight, there is no magic diet, piece of equipment or exercise that will allow you to magically get six pack abs. Getting a six pack is hard work and there are no six pack short cuts (sorry Mike Chang).

In reality, there are multiple factors that can attribute and help you to get the six pack abs you are looking for.

Lose Fat

If you have fat covering your abdominal muscles you will never see your abs. It is as simple as that. Getting rid of your excess body fat will help tremendously in showing off those abdominal muscles.

Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the weight room!

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Work Your Entire Body

One of the best ways to lose weight is through resistance training.  Gaining muscle increases your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories at rest. Also, building muscle helps reshape your body and changes your body composition. If you are not working your entire body throughout the course of a week, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Many people think that doing a ton of sit ups will cause them to lose fat in their stomach. This is not true. You cannot spot reduce. Here is an awesome video I made that goes into further detail about the spot reduction myth and how the body utilizes and stores fat.


Stand Up!

The more exercises that you perform while standing the better. When you limit your stability it forces your body to create the stability on its own. It does this by engaging and contracting the muscles of the core.

This does not mean you should do all of your work on stability disks and exercise balls, but what it does mean is ditch the machines and movements where you lay down. Exchange them for variations where you support your own body.

Work Your Abdominal Muscles in Three Ways

There are three ways you need to work your abdominals to maximize your results. You need a twisting motion (Swiss Ball Twists, V Sit and Twist), some sort of spinal flexion exercise (Crunch, Reverse Crunch) and a stabilization exercise (Planks, Vacuums).  Utilizing all of these exercise variations will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.  Also, it will create a well-rounded and balanced look to your abdominal wall.

Add Resistance

Many people believe that they should work their abs every single day and use high reps. This is not the case.   Your abs need rest to rebuild and need to be stimulated with resistance just like every other muscle group. Doing sets of 30 crunches is not resistance training, its cardio. Use a cable or dumbbell to increase the resistance on your abdominal movements for maximum gains.


If you follow this simple protocol you will get six pack abs in no time……….. You Wish!

The reality is that it’s hard work to get six pack abs and it will take time, patience, dedication, persistence, and consistency to get the results you want.  So keep working, keep sweating and most important of all, train smarter not harder!