Scary Halloween movies are the corner stone of October. If your movie selection is bad, it can ruin the entire month for you. Don’t let that happen! Here are five Halloween movies that will perfectly set the mood for you and your loved ones!

5. Halloween (1978)


This is number five because it is the obvious, not because of the movie quality. In short, this is a horror movie staple and if you have not seen it, you must! The movie is a bit slower than horror movies of today, but that just adds to the suspense of the movie. Classic, iconic, influential. Bottom line: Get on it!

4. Trick R Treat (2007)


This is a horror comedy that conveys four different interwoven stories to the audience. This movie is more interesting than it is scary, but the mood and tone is very dark. Perfect for your Halloween movie needs!

3. Pet Cemetery (1989)

pet sematary

Nothing says Halloween like the walking dead. Celebrate the dead with this Steven King classic. Just cover your eyes when you see Aunt Zelda. Trust me. You will thank me later!

2. Creepshow (1982)


This old classic blends the works of Stephen King, George A. Romero and E.C comics to tell five different stories of horror. All of these stories have a very classic feel to them, which you can’t help but appreciate. Many famous actors grace us with their presence including: Ted Danson, Leslie Nielsen and Ed Harris. Check this movie out. You will not be sorry!

1. Black Christmas (1974)

black christmas movie poster

Before I give a synopsis for this movie, I must emphasize that I am speaking of the original movie. I am NOT referring to the 2006 remake. The remake is grotesquely scary, but not in the horror sense. It is scary in the “abomination of a movie” sense. Stay away from the remake!

With that out of the way…

This movie tells the tale of a sorority that is stalked by an unknown man. The movie is packed tight with suspense and has the best production quality of any horror movie of it’s time.

The opening scene sets the mood right away. It shows the world through the eyes of this unknown man. It illustrates the man’s point of view as he scales the exterior wall of the sorority house and peers creepily into a woman’s window. Ugh, chills.

The tag line on the promotional poster for this film says it all. This movie is a must see movie for all horror enthusiast!

What’s our take? What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Comment below!