healthy-living-thumb76380481Nothing deters a person from living healthy more than over complicating things. Many people create different rules for themselves and get neurotically obsessed and hung up on certain aspects of healthy living.

The demands one places on themselves often exceed reality, which ultimately leads to failure.

Avoid this!

Understand that change is a gradual process, not an immediate one. Set small goals and realistic expectations for yourself.

If you think you are going to transition immediately from eating crap all day and never cooking for yourself, right into a lifestyle where you cook every day and eat nothing but natural, whole foods, you are kidding yourself. It is not going to happen.

It is okay to ease into the process so introduce these foods gradually.

Also, don’t jump head first into a weight training or exercise program. Take your time. Explore. Be a students of the exercise world!

As you set foot into the gym think of yourself as an explorer looking to discover new things and ideas. There are so many different types of workouts and exercises, and no one can tell you what type of program is best for you.

There are only two rules that I suggest you follow when choosing a workout program.

First make sure it is comprised of mostly multi-joint movements (i.e. squats, deadlifts, horizontal and vertical pushes and pulls). The second is to choose the workout program that is going to keep you coming back.

There are workouts programs that are superior to others, but if you hate them and dread doing them you will quit! Do not fall into this trap. Choose the program that will allow for the highest rate of success, and that program is the program you will stick to!

You can’t get results and make gains on your couch.

Don’t let the idea of living healthy scare you. Keep it simple, stay committed, and ease into the lifestyle. If you follow these simple ideas you are sure to be successful!

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