Purchasing gym equipment for while creating a home gym can be tricky. There are so many products and options and that makes it extremely difficult to make a decision on what to purchase. Let’s look at some of your home gym options!

Cheapest Option

For generalized fitness and fat loss, this set of equipment will give you everything you need for under $50. The door way pull up bar is great for all of your vertical pulls and leg lifts. The push up stands allow for a deeper range of motion and grip variation during push ups. The exercise ball is great as it allows you to decrease stability to challenge your core.

Total= $41

If this option interests you I would suggest checking out my Foundation workout series. This series is a comprehensive break down and tutorial of home fitness from the ground up.

Foundation Home Workout Exercise Tutorial: Phase 1

Phase 1 Foundation Home Workout Templates

Foundation Calisthenic Home Workout Phase 2

Intermediate Price Range

The equipment in this section is a bit more expensive but it will offer you more resistance. If your main goal is building muscle, these options will be better for you than the former group of products.


Bands create great resistance and provide tension through the entire movement. Also, as the band stretches resistance increases. Bands are very versatile in that many exercises can be performed using them. In collaboration with the door way pull up bar a person can perform rows, lat pull downs, and triceps extensions. Bands can be used for biceps curls, side raises, over head presses, and up right rows. The possibilities are endless. Bands are truly a great value. Check out this video by Lee Hayward to see how a band set works while hooked up to a door anchor.

Bodylastics has the best quality bands for the best price. Band packages start as low as 28.95. For more details check out http://www.bodylastics.com.

Kettlebells deliver a huge bang for your buck. Kettlebells are a great purchase because they store easily, they encourage compound movements, they develop power and strength, and they also can double as dumbells. By purchasing kettlebells you will not only get to experience all of the traditional kettlebell lifts, but you will also receive a lot of the benefits dumbbells offer as well.

Kettlebell training is not for everyone and is an acquired taste, but the benefits are undeniable. Check out these tutorial videos on kettlebell training.

If you are interested in purchasing kettlebells it is best to find local spots. Shipping the bells can get really expensive because they are so heavy.

If you are lucky, you may be able to score some used kettlebells on CraigsList.org

The going rate for kettlebells are approximately $1.30-1.70 a pound. Never pay more than that.

Standard Weight Sets
standard weight set

With a standard weight set you can perform all of the traditional bodybuilding movements. This is a great way to develop strength, size and burn fat. Add a bench to this collection and you will truly get a great workout!

Here are some examples of good standard weight sets and accessories.

Keep in mind that it will be best to find similar products at a local store. Like with kettlebells, the shipping costs on weights can get out of control! I am simply using the items below as a reference and a gauge on price. You can find these products at Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or other sporting goods store.



Standard weight sets are of lesser quality compared to the Olympic Weight Sets that you might see at your local gym. If you are not very strong this type of weight set can be a good start for you, but if your goals are rooted in strength you may grow out of this set quickly.

If strength is your agenda, then the most expensive route is the only way to go!

Most Expensive

Olympic Weight Set With Power Rack and Bench

power rack

The most expensive option would be to purchase an Olympic Weight Set. To get the most our of this set while maintaining cost effectiveness, you need to purchase a power rack and an adjustable, portable bench.

The power rack enables you to squat and bench press safely when you do not have a spotter. The power rack should also contain an area to do pull ups. The Olympic Weight Bar gives you the versatility of doing multiple exercises including rows, over head presses, deadlifts, curls, and triceps extensions.

Here are some examples and prices of Olympic Weight Power Rack Sets.

As you see, these sets can be pretty pricey.

You can try to find these sets in pieces and purchase them separately in order to save some money. CraigsList.org is a great resource for these products.

In the past I was able to find 600 lbs of Olympic Plates for only $200 using CraigsList. It took some patience and research but it can be done.

If a Power Rack set interests you, check out my Beginners Strength Training Program. This program will get you started on the right path and maximize the effectiveness of this equipment.

I hope this article answered all of your questions when it comes to your home gym options.

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