Following home workout routines are great for a lot of people. Going to a gym can be a very scary and uncomfortable experience for many. Especially for the individuals who are just beginning the journey. Without a lot of experience and confidence the gym becomes a deterrent rather than a motivator.

Many people simply never take that first step because of how uncomfortable the initial gym experience can be.

In reality, to achieve general fitness you never have to actually set foot in a gym. With this program I will help you achieve your fitness goals from your very own home. How convenient is that!

The Foundation Home Workout Routines are broken up into phases and sub phases. Each phase will become increasingly more difficult. This allows individuals to work at their own level and progress as they achieve.

Anyone can follow this program and get a great workout, regardless of his or her fitness level!

Check out the intro video for some more details on this program

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If you have any questions about the workout please do not hesitate to contact me by commenting below.

Thank You and Never Stop Shaping!