deadliftPeople do some ridiculous things things in the gym.  But how can you mess up breathing? We do it every day.  We need to do it to live.  Our nervous system does it subconsciously and automatically.  But some how, some way people mess it up.  Here are some tips on how to breathe while lifting weights.

First we need to discuss the difference between the eccentric and concentric portions of movements.  The eccentric portion is when the prime moving muscle is stretching.  In the example of a squat, that would be the decent to the bottom.  The concentric portion is when the primary movers shorten.  This is when you begin to press out of the hole on your squat.

Got it right?  Good!

During the eccentric potion of each movement you should be breathing in.  On the concentric portion of the movement, you breathe out.  Simple right?

Check out this video for more details on breathing while lifting weights. The video discusses everyone’s favorite lift, the bench press.  I also delve into how breathing can change for power lifters or for anyone performing a 1 rep max (1 RM).

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