So many want to know how to lose weight. The problem is that most people on this quest are in search of a quick fix or trick.

With all of the commercials, products and internet advertisements that promise a quick fix, you would think that the quick fix actually exists. But, the real trick is that there are no quick fixes. There are no tricks, there are no short cuts. If someone tries to sell you on a short cut or quick fix don’t buy it. (Literally and figuratively)

The world we live in is a quick results oriented world. I always laugh when I check the site’s Instagram page and see that comments and “Hearts” left 2 minutes ago file under a category “Old News”.

That is just one example of the society we live in today.

With the internet, email, smart phones, and Google we expect results and information fast, right now, and faster!

Patience and perspective is lost because of this new world and society in which we live. Technology has enhanced our quality of life in many ways but it has also hindered us and set us back.

The message I am trying to convey here is to never lose perspective. Understand that you always get back what you put into something. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort to achieve the levels of success you feel you deserve, then do you really deserve anything? In my estimation probably not.

Keep perspective, understand it takes dedication, hard work and patience to achieve anything worth achieving.

The dedication, the hard work, the discipline, and all of the other character building traits that you will strengthen on your journey will far surpass the importance of aesthetic gains.

Your six pack, your ability to bench press 300+ pounds and your toned arms will eventually be taken from you. What can never be taken from you is your character. Focus on building your character and everything else will simply fall into place. Shaping yourself starts from within, and I suggest you start shaping yourself today!

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