lat pull downThe lat pull down is a great tool to build your back and widen your lats. The lat pull down exercise can also be used to help you increase your ability to perform pull ups. The only issue I have with this exercise is the fact that so many people do it completely wrong!

It is comical to watch the many variations of this classic exercise. Sometimes I have no idea what I am watching. Is he trying to do tricep extensions? Is he listening to rock music and head banging? Is she trying to have the machine fling her through the ceiling? My mind is constantly boggled.

Sure I poke fun and find these things amusing, but the truth is that if you perform the lat pull down exercise incorrectly, you can suffer severe consequences and injuries to the neck, shoulder, and/or biceps. This, my friend, is no fun!

So let’s take a look at all of the bad form variations and figure out a fix to the problem!

I would like to emphasize the fact that you DO NOT need a lot of weight to make this exercise effective. If the weight is so heavy you will not be able to properly contract the muscles of your back. Keep this in mind!

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