twitterBefore I really understood how to use Twitter I completely hated it. It seemed like it was full of spam, celebrities posting garbage, and more spam. Also, the very short text limit left me to believe there would never be posts with any true value to them. I mean how much value can you put forth with only 140 characters?

As I figured out how to use Twitter effectively and became more familiar with the layout, I discovered multiple hashtags that fit everything my site, my mind set and my personality were about.

#Physed: This hashtag will connect you to physical education teachers all over the world. You can share lesson ideas, fitness information and bounce ideas off of one another.

#PeGeeks: #PeGeeks also will connect you to physical education teachers, but usually the posts are bit funny in nature. You will find all the weird, geeky things we do as educators with this hashtag and will be able to relate to others just like you!

The #FitFam hashtag is great for connecting to people who are big into fitness. There are thousands of posters that use this hashtag. The #FitFam is like your own personal circle of motivators. Everyone can use a network like that!

#Fitspiration: When searching this tag you will find funny, witty fitness images and visual posters.

Try searching these hastags and see what you think. I am sure you will find the content awesomely enriching as well as motivating.

So, what Twitter fitness hashtags do you use? Do you know any other awesome hashtags? Your insight is welcomed!

Please comment below with your favorite hashtags!

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