calisthenic jason altidor“Strength over size my #1 prize,” is the motto of calisthenic master Jason Altidor.  Jason took a few minutes out of his busy day to link up with us and tell the world a little bit about himself.  I highly value the content Jason puts up on his YouTube channel and I think you will as well. 

1. In a few sentences tell us who you are, what you bring to the table, any qualifications, accomplishments, and what you do for work, ect.

My name is Jason Altidor, I’m a web developer by day and boot camp / personal trainer by night. I’m Still in the process of getting my certification. I like to be creative with my workouts, bring something different to the table and bring back the kid in all of us. 🙂

2. What has inspired you to get into fitness and why did you decide to share your journey with the world?

I’ve always been into fitness mainly basketball, volleyball and track and field. I want to show people what we are all capable of with discipline, patience and hard work. We all have the potential to be something
great, to be better than we ever were.

3. Your calisthenic workouts are extremely impressive.  What made you decide to specialize in this type of training?

December 2011 I had a torn lateral meniscus playing volleyball and it shifted my whole training regime. I had a knee brace for 6 months so I was limited to what I was able to do. I started reading about calisthenics and its basically training we did growing up in the schoolyards as kids. I decided I needed to incorporated body weight training with weights, starting with the basics from pullups, pushups, dips, step ups, box jumps and built it from there.

4. What are a few tips you can give beginners who want to get into calisthenic training?

Practice and practice more! Don’t worry about the reps but the FORM, that’s the most important. If you use the correct muscles then your brain will understand and communicate with your nervous system more efficiently. 

5. We see you are into fitness, but what are some other things you enjoy doing? Tell us something your audience may not know about you.

I love poetry! Been writing since I was 15. I’ve owned turtles for over 25 years (the same ones!). I was in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for 3 years. I played on a dodge ball team for 3 years and our team name was “Dodge This” ! 🙂

6. Anything you would like to tell new people coming to your site/YouTube page

Yes! My page is not about “things I can do that most people can’t.” I’m just the average guy with big goals. Challenges are what makes life exciting and this is what I try to showcase on my page. Strength over size is my #1 prize!



If you want to challenge yourself, become a better person, and work on physical fitness through calisthenic training, Jason is surely your guy!

To link up with Jason, you can follow him on both Google+ as well as YouTube.  What are you waiting for!?!? Get on that!