life & fitnessJavon Okray, the founder of the ToGiveToGlory Life & Fitness YouTube channel took a few minutes out of her day to touch base with me.  Let’s learn a little bit about Javon and understand her motivation for spreading the joy and experience of fitness with the world.

1. In a few sentences describe who you are, what you bring to the table, any qualifications, accomplishments, what you do for work, ect. 

I am a stay at home mother of 3. Twins a boy and girl that’s 8 years old and my 2 year old. I am in the process of becoming a Personal trainer.

2. What has inspired you to get into fitness and why did you decide to share your journey with the world?

I was 386 pounds and the doctor told me I couldn’t have children and I had polycistic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Also, when I renewed my marriage vows with my husband me and my step-dad couldn’t even fit through the door together and that really hurt. It was time to do something.

3. What can people expect coming to your site/YouTube page?

People can expect to see weight loss updates, exercise challenges for myself, as well as videos on exercise, cooking, and growing your own veggies.

4. What are a few tips you can give beginners who are just stepping into a healthy, active lifestyle?

First you have to have a made up mind!  No more  “I might.  I can’t. I’ll try.” It has to be, “I will do it.” You have to have faith in Jesus Christ and yourself. Believe!!

5. Why did you decide to name your channel ToGiveToGlory Life & Fitness?

I decided to name my channel ToGiveGlory Life & Fitness, because Jesus Christ was the one who gave and still gives me the strength on this journey. On my channel I will always speak about Jesus Chirst, because that’s He’s my strength on this journey of health, life & fitness.

6. We see you are into fitness, but what are some other things you enjoy doing? Tell us something your audience may not know about you.

I love to cook, work in my garden, work with children, sing, and write.

7. Is there anything you would like to tell new people coming to your site/YouTube page?

I am a firm believer that I/you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. I have lost over 188lbs, without a fad diet or pill, but through a lot of hard work, exercising, believing in myself, and praying. You can do whatever you put your mind on doing. Remember be your number 1 motivator.

I would like to thank Javon for her time and participating in this interview.  I also would like to add to one of Javon’s points, and would like to say that I find her way of thinking endearing. She understands what many miss, and that is the fact that fitness and health starts form within.  Whether this internal strength and mindset comes from religion or something else, you have to realize that your goals and motivation need to be more than just aesthetics.  If your motivation is superficial, your goals and the importance of these goals will fade away.  I see it time and time again.  It has to be something more, and it is clear that Javon fully understands this concept.

If you find Javon as motivational as I do, check out and subscribe to her YouTube Channel ToGiveToGlory Life & Fitness.