this is fit workoutsLaura Flynn Endres, founder of, sits down to discuss what makes her and her site unique.  Laura does an excellent job with the information she presents and I hope you find her YouTube page and website as informative, helpful, and as useful as I do.


1. In a few sentences tell us who you are, what you bring to the table, any qualifications, accomplishments, what you do for work, ect.

I am a bit hyperactive, so I wear many hats. I have a BS in Elementary Education from UW-Madison, and am certified in personal training, Pilates and senior fitness. I get to travel several times a year as a featured speaker at unschooling conferences (unschooling is a rather unorthodox homeschooling philosophy that focuses on self-directed learning) and I’m a columnist for a homeschooling magazine. I am also co-owner of our family’s 5th generation 250-acre farm and I moonlight as a henna artist at festivals and parties when I have time.

I currently hold four p/t jobs as a certified personal trainer and Pilates and group fitness instructor, and now that my kids are leaving the nest, plans are in place to be the next “YouTube sensation!” (Not really. Well, sort of.) I founded to share my passion for fitness. Basically, I only thrive living in the middle of nowhere because I have wifi and a lot of energy.

My husband Rob and I have two sons, Brady (21), who works in LA as a Digital Asset Manager on feature films, and Jonathan (17) who works, takes community college courses, & travels often. We live on 10 acres of family land in the cornfields of Northern Illinois.

2. What has inspired you to get into fitness and why did you decide to share your journey and expertise with the world?

Actually, it was homeschooling my kids that got me into this in a roundabout way. As a homeschooling parent, I’ve spent the past 20 years helping my kids pursue their passions. I became very good at networking. As my kids grow up and launch into the world, I am finally turning my efforts toward my own interests – primarily fitness.

This is Fit Workouts is my “the kids are raised so now what?” project. I’m probably one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet but I also love to laugh and have fun and connecting with people online feeds my need for community and interaction. Also, much to my mom’s dismay, I’m sure, it’s an outlet for my sassy, obnoxious side. (And if you’re sassy back, RESPECT.)

3. What can people expect coming to your site/YouTube page?

Hundreds of free workouts that can be done at home or the gym, in 15 minutes or less, that work all major muscles groups and provide cardio to boot!  My workouts are intensity-dependent so they are effective for all levels. No joke! But if you really want to pay me (you really want to pay me, right?), I’m also available to train you in-person or online.

4. What are a few tips you can give beginners who are just stepping into a healthy, active lifestyle?

Do what you can to add activity into your day. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be practical and doable. Do not compare yourself to anyone else.

That girl deadlifting 230lbs? Whatever. That’s her gig. Find yours.

Find activity you like. The best exercise is the exercise you want to do.

Know that the hardest part will be sticking with it for the first month. Then you’ll feel so much better you won’t want to stop.

Decide what your goals are and what you want and get it. Seriously – accept no excuses and GET IT.

5. Why did you choose the name This is Fit Workouts?  Is there any special meaning behind it?

More than This is Fit, I’m in love with my tag line “be your own kind of fit.” By that I mean that you get to decide what being fit means to you. I’m over the message that there’s one right way to do things. I’m over the arrogance of people believing their method is better than anyone else’s. I know it’s said to sell programs but I want to support and affirm all people. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, get more flexible, or be able to play with your grandkids, YOU get to decide.

I also think we spend too much time focusing on our flaws and not enough on our strengths. Focus on flaws just enough that you commit to improving those areas. Beyond that, own what you got. Be proud of what you CAN do. Hands on hips – “This is fit!”

:::fist bump:::

6. We see you are into fitness, but what are some other things you enjoy doing? Tell us something your audience may not know about you.

I used to see it as a flaw that I couldn’t find my “one true passion.” Now I accept and celebrate that I want to do all the things! Among my most recent interests: gardening (I have five!), poetry, writing, farming, traveling, hooping, cooking.

Something people might not know… um, I’m pretty much an open book….  but here you go: My two non-negotiable requirements for my inner circle people – like your kids and like your partner. Or at least be giving it the try of your life. I expect adults to fix their shit and be adults.

I have high standards for integrity.

7. Anything you would like to tell new people coming to your site/YouTube page.

Tell me what you like or don’t like! And tell all your friends! And pardon my sass. I call people bitches but you’ll like it – it’s a term of endearment.


I want to thank Laura for taking time out of her busy schedule to tell us a bit more about herself.  I encourage everyone to follow Laura on any of the following social media formats found down below.  Subscribe to her YouTube fitness channel and begin learning and get fit right in your own home!  Can’t beat that!

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