Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for taking the time to visit the site and also for reading this letter.  There are many reasons for this site being created and I would like to touch on a few.

The main reason I decided to make this site was to assist individuals that are in the midst of shaping themselves into the best person they can be.  For each individual this can mean vastly different things, but with the skills taught on this site any person can maximize his or her potential.  The articles and information provided to you will help you maximize work outs, handle stress, use time efficiently, meal plan, and reach aesthetic goals.  This might seem like a lot, but to me this is merely a starting off point. I have much bigger plans in the future.

The second reason I took on the task of building a web site came to fruition from scouring the internet.   There are so many inaccurate, misinformed, and uneducated individuals giving out fitness advice that it struck a nerve with me.  Also, many websites force supplements and other products down consumers throats with witty advertisements disguised as stories or interviews.  It is misleading, unethical and something I have a hard time stomaching.  Because of this, almost everything on this web page will be absolutely FREE to anyone who wants to utilize it.  I also am building most of this website with FREE software to keep over head costs to a minimum which will allow everyone access to professionally written e-books and other products at extremely low costs.

The last major motivator for embarking on this mission is my experiences as a health and physical education teacher and personal trainer.  Through personal training I realized that so many people have absolutely no idea how to work out.  Most people are flat out lost.  When speaking with these individuals I always ask about their experiences in health and physical education classes.  ALL of them say the same thing.  They state that they played a lot of games, did mindless push ups and other calisthenics but were never taught how to actually work out.  Now granted most people I personal train are older and were in high school 20-40 years ago, so it still cannot be this way… WRONG!  From my experiences working in different school districts and talking to other health and physical educators, this still goes on TODAY!  Students are not required to learn exercise progression, the standards do not emphasize the ability to create and apply work out plans, and students have no idea what movements will stimulate contraction of specific muscles.  Well, I am here to change this.  I would like to encourage any teacher to use any information on this website in your classes.  I will also have a category called Teacher’s Corner dedicated just to the education of young children.

I am certain that all of your fitness needs will be found here at this site.  I want to let you know feedback is encouraged on any post or page.  I will be happy to answer any questions individuals have.  Please do not be shy and know that this entire thing does not work without all of YOU.  You are the most important cog in this machine that I am trying to create.  Spread the word and let’s do this together.


Thank you so much,