Everyone needs time for reflection and lifestyle  adaptation.  If a person never reflects on their life, doesn’t assess their progress, and doesn’t make the changes necessary to better themselves, stagnation will be inevitable.

Reflection can be accomplished in many ways and for each person different plans of action will have different rates of success.  Find what works for you and go with that.

This is how I reflect.

I like to use walking as my time to reflect on life.  I do two very specific things on my walks.  These include life assessment and focusing on proper body mechanics and posture while I move.


During my assessment, no stone goes unturned.  I reflect back on how I handled situations and tasks during the week, how efficient and effective my actions have been and how effectively I am working toward my goals (both in the weight room and in life in general).

If anything needs to be modified, I create a plan for modification.  I use my phone to take notes and save them for later reflections.  This course of action has helped me achieve success and balance in my life.

As I am reflecting, I also listen to music and enjoy the scenery as I walk.  Today I decided to walk in a park near my home.  I enjoy walking  in aesthetically pleasing areas.  Walking on a treadmill or using an elliptical doesn’t do it for me.


Check out this slide show to take a look at the park.  It is very nice and there still are areas under construction to develop it further.  The atmosphere at the park was great. There were tons of people moving around, being active and having a good time.   They also have an area dedicated to body weight exercises like pull ups, planks and inverted rows. I’ll be doing some videos there in the future.


I hope walking can work for you, but if it doesn’t you need to find some outlet or create some kind of plan for reflection and modification.  Meditation, journal writing, or listening to music while thinking may be good options for you.  Try them!


The second thing I work on during my walk is moving efficiently.  As I walk, I draw my belly button in and contract all of the muscles of my abdominal wall.  I stand up tall, with good posture and retract and depress my shoulder blades.  This creates a strong, stable core.

The core is comprised of all the muscles of the trunk that attach to the spine and it is the foundation for all movement.  A solid, strong core allows for proper and efficient movement patterns.  Developing a functional core will decrease the chances of injury and allow your extremities to move against more resistance.

This means bigger lifts for bigger gains and more goal achievement.  Who doesn’t want that!?


In short, find what works for you and shape yourself from the inside out.  If you don’t have time to reflect, make the time!  You deserve it and in the end it will make you a better person. Never stop shaping!