hot fitness chickAdopting the fitness lifestyle is an important decision. Many beginners are excited about their first fitness lessons and want to get the desired results as soon as possible. But what to do when you try so hard and there seems to be no result at all? Maybe, you just make some of the common fitness mistake that prevent you from getting the desired shape? Here’s the list of most common mistakes among the fitness beginners:

1. Setting unrealistic goals
It’s understandable that you want to get the result as soon as possible, but if you’ve never trained or exercised and promise yourself to lose 15 pounds next month, the most likely you’ll be dissatisfied with yourself. Set measurable, achievable goals and then you’ll find it challengeable to keep on track.

2.Repeating the same workout program every day
Even the best exercise will bore you if repeated every day without any changes. What is more, the same exercise repeated for a long time becomes less effective. Change your program time after time, and the new exercises will keep you challenged, motivated and will be more effective.

3. Constantly changing fitness programs and completing none of them
Persistence is the key to a success in any kind of fitness. And if you’ve already chosen a program, work at it at least for a month, and only then change. A month will be enough to decide if the program suits you and see the first results.

4.Procrastination and long breaks
The more you delay the start of your fitness journey, the later you will get the desired results. Missing the workouts is also the least useful thing, as the more trainings you miss, the harder you will find it to get on track again. The “Do It Now” rule works perfectly for fitness.

5. Eating a low-calorie diet
The trainings need your energy to bring the desired results. For muscle building you’ll need to consume proteins, micro-nutrients and healthy fats. And if you start a low-calorie diet to lose weight faster, the long-term result can be just the opposite.

6.Refusing to hire a professional trainer

Of course, there is a lot of information about how to train in the internet and magazines. But it will be more resultative for you to rely on a professional who will help you to choose the optimal level of load. Hiring an instructor will help you to save time and money you would spend trying to do things on your own.

7. Underestimating the importance of support
At the very beginning you will be enthusiastic about your workout, but one day the moment will come when you won’t find the strength to get up from the sofa and go to the gym. And here it’s highly important to have someone who will help and motivate you in such hard moments. It’s much easier to have a fitness lifestyle with someone than alone.

About the author: Paul Smith is a workout enthusiast and a cheap essay writer. He enjoys living an active life and gaining new knowledge. Contact Paul on Google+.

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