BOOM!  Talk about nutrient dense! Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes pack a punch!

The picture you see above is not the typical size that I make them, but I was just having some fun. I’m sure you are wondering how I flipped that… its called skills!

The Breakdown

Add pancake batter to a blender with water, peanut butter, and chocolate whey protein.  I always use cooking spray instead of adding extra fats to the preparation. 

The recipe may take some trial and error before you get it to suite your tastes.  I personally just eyeball it so I could not tell you exact portions. I always make an over abundance and freeze leftovers for quick breakfast solutions.  

You can add other things as well such as wheat germ, fruit, chocolate chips, granola, basically whatever you want.  You can make it as healthy or as sugary as you want as well.  Hopefully you choose the route of health!  Enjoy.