While I was in the gym today I noticed a caption at the bottom of a Fox News broadcast that read: “Lawyers Demand Billions From Big Food To Fight Obesity.”  This immediately caught my attention, so I ripped my head phones off to listen.

states suing fast food companies 2014I learned that 15 states are currently banning together in the effort to sue fast food companies to recoup funds spent on medical care.  Their claim is that fast food is the reason people are fat and that the fast food companies should help pay back some of the state funding that has been used to treat obesity.  If the fast food companies do not settle, the state’s lawyers will begin the process of suing these companies.

The lawyer representing the states, ironically named Paul McDonald,  had an interesting spin on the reasoning for the impending law suite against the fast food companies.  He referenced the fact that other companies that manufacture and produce goods help to pay for residual damage (pollution, clean up, waste, ect.) from the manufacturing of their products.  In his view, obesity is considered residual damage from the production of fast food.  So his argument is that if other companies have to pay for residual damage, so should the fast food industry.  This was his major claim in the law suite to sue fast food.

Interestingly, the news anchor brought up the fact that all 15 of the states included in the law suite also have some of the worst debt in the country.  This makes the situation seem less like a good faith attempt to save the American people, and more like legalized extortion .

This isn’t the first attempt of it’s kind by the way.  People have tried to sue fast food many times over and have often won. Wikipedia even has an entire page dedicated to McDonald’s legal cases.   With prior knowledge that suing fast food is a rather common occurrence, the impending law suite didn’t surprise me much.

It does, however, sadden me.  It is sad that no one takes responsibility for anything.

Many obese people want to blame everything and everyone but themselves for being fat.

States want to “legally extort” money from major companies because they can’t budget properly.

And fast food companies sell garbage on a regular basis for a higher monetary yield.

None of the parties involved have enough pride to take accountability for their actions and it’s sickening.

Let me clue some of you in here.  No one force feeds anyone fast food.  The threat and danger of eating too much fast food is universally known.  It is no secret that most fast food is unhealthy, but fast food is not the problem.

The real problem is that people are inactive and choose to eat like crap.  The key word is “choose.”  It is your choice.

You don’t have to be perfect, but if you continually make the wrong choices then you have no one to blame but yourself for the results of your actions.

Let’s think about it like this….

If you choose to stop eating fast food, then fast food companies would have no choice but to change their ways.  If they kept selling garbage that didn’t sell they would go broke.

If you choose to eat better foods and choose to be more active, tax payers no longer would have to pay so much money toward the treatment of obesity.

Choosing to live a healthy, active lifestyle will decrease medical costs and allow money to go elsewhere.  Maybe it can be put toward educating  your kids instead.

tell me moreSee how this works?

It is all about choice.

With that said, I am not extremely callous toward people who are fat.  I was fat for a majority of my life and I still continue to struggle with keeping weight off.  I live the battle every day but I take accountability for the choices I make in my life. Apparently this is a lost art with a majority of today’s country.

Because of my experiences with obesity, I am aware that it takes effort and preparation to be successful, but that is just a sacrifice you have to make.  If you are unwilling to prepare foods and unwilling to make time to exercise, then that is a choice you will have to live with when you become sick.  Such is life.

It only takes 15-20 minutes a day, 2-4 times a week to exercise and prepare foods.  This small amount of time can make a world of difference.  I am not talking about becoming a world class bodybuilder here.  I simply mean being generally healthy and choosing to be active whenever life allows.

This “lack of accountability” mindset is the entire reason I created this website.  I did it because I know it can be difficult to be successful in weight management.   I know it is difficult because I have lived it.  I also know there are tons of companies out there trying to bank in on the public’s lack of knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

But no matter how easy I or anyone else makes it, no one can be successful if  the right choices are not made.  It starts with accountability.  Be accountable for your choices and stop pointing the finger.  This isn’t just a fitness lesson, this is a life lesson.   Apply this to all aspects of your life.

To further assist you in your fitness goals, I have created the perfect home workout routine that can support you in your efforts to get healthy.  Please check it out if you are struggling with incorporating efficient exercise into your life.  Follow the links at the bottom of each page to progress through the information.  Please contact me if you need assistance! justinglenn@shapingyourself.com



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