stockvault-paint-splatter143115EVERYONE is shaping themselves during every second, of every day whether they know it or not. This shaping can be positive or negative based on specific decisions that are made and experiences that are had during one’s life. Some decisions or events might have greater impact than others but everything has an effect in some way.


The choices you make, your life experiences, genetics, and personality are the clay to build a sculpture that is you. You are the artist.

You can decide how this clay will be molded and what this clay will represent, but there is a small catch. Genetics are not under one’s control, so this will alter your clay. Your clay will look like no one else’s.

You will have to do the best job you can with the clay you were provided, so compare your final masterpiece against no one else’s but your own when assessing your level of achievement.


Here are three tips to help you gain control and shape yourself into the person you would like to be.


Take Action: This sounds simple but for most people it is not. So many individuals are not happy with certain aspects of life but they do nothing about it. Most people that I talk to say it is because they are comfortable or because they fear change. Never let fear or the feeling of being uncomfortable stop you from making yourself into exactly who you want to be. Actually, most people do their best work in uncomfortable situations. Embrace these changes and never stop working until you achieve what you set out for.


Accept and Learn from Failure: To most people failure is a deterrent from achievement. That is completely the wrong attitude to have. In failure, people learn the most and grow the strongest. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Accept your failure, analyze your failure and create a plan using this information to create a better plan for achievement.


Do the Best You Can: The feeling of regret because of failed, halfhearted efforts can result in emotional instability.  If something is important to you treat it as such. Prioritize your life and decide what aspects are the most important and devote your time and energy into those things. Also, cut out negativity from your life. “Friends” and others who place burden on your life in a negative way are a waste of your time. They distract you from achievement and cause you to spread yourself too thin emotionally. Cut out this negativity and use that energy that you would have wasted to achieve something you felt you could never achieve before!

Maximizing your potential and shaping yourself into the person you want to be can happen sooner than you think. Stay focused and follow these simple tips to stay on the path to success. Now let’s mold that clay!