effects of smokingThe effects of smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products are widely known.

Rates of cancer, COPD, emphasize, chronic bronchitis, smokers cough, and heart disease are all increased ten-fold when you compare a smoker to a nonsmoker.

But again, everyone knows this, yet people choose to smoke.

This proves statistics can be very telling and are a great tool for those who can wrap their heads around these numbers, but for most people statistics are too abstract of an idea.

So to help you get a better understanding of what goes on in your body, check out this awesome video that shows the dramatic effects of smoking 60 cigarettes.

The tar build up and discoloration of the lungs are flat out scary!

If this is the effect of smoking only 60 cigarettes … imagine the impact on someone who has smoked for 10 years… 20 years.. or even 60 years!

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