Many people look for weight loss tips all over the internet. Everyone wants a magic workout or a magic diet that will cause body fat to disappear. In reality there is no substitute for hard work, but sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

People often neglect to realize how many calories their beverage of choice actually contains. Remember, losing fat is as simple as calories in vs calories out. When you consume drinks like soda and juice that are high in sugar, the calories add up fast.

Check out this picture to see what I am talking about…


Yikes! Look at all that sugar.

It can be difficult at times to look at a nutrition label and fully visualize how much sugar 50 gs actually is. It really puts things in perspective when you see the amount of sugar in the drink separated from its liquid contents.

Lets take a look at some popular beverage choices


pepsi nutrition facts

Monster Energy Drink

monster nutrition facts

Minute Maid Fruit Punch

minute maid nutrition facts

When reading nutrition labels, keep in mind that some of these food items have more than one single serving. This fact often goes unnoticed by most people.

With the serving size taken into consideration, the caloric totals on these drinks are between 150-200 calories. If someone were to have 5-6 of these drinks a day they would be consuming between 750-1200 extra calories!

If this same person has a caloric maintenance of 2,500 calories, almost half of their caloric needs are filled with sugary drinks. Any calorie consumption over their 2,500 maintenance will result in adding body fat. If this person consumes three meals of 500 calories they will surely go over this maintenance and become fat. You can see why consuming these drinks is a recipe for failure. (pun intended!)

The absolute worst part about these drinks is the fact that they are simply empty calories. This means they hold no real nutritional value. When you drink these types of drinks you are consuming calories for the sake of consuming calories.

Does this mean you should never consume anything but water?

Never say “never,” but it might be a good idea to say “not often.” Your best bet is to avoid consuming these food items altogether. If you are going to choose to include these drinks in your diet, please use moderation. Also, account for these extra calories when planning your diet. If you are going to drink a soda, plan around this and factor the calories and sugar into your dietary needs. This will help you enjoy the drinks that you love (in moderation of course) while keeping your caloric intake and weight under control.

Losing weight and cutting calories does not have to be a complex science. When looking for weight loss tips: keep it simple, use moderation and cut the junk out. Your body and waist line will thank you for it!

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