winnersAre there differences between winners and losers?

Being a winner is not a simple fact of actual winning and losing. There are many people who are losers that are successful in certain facets of life or competition.

A single mom who works hard but barely gets by financially could very well be more of a winner than someone who makes millions of dollars at some big corporation. Many people equate monetary gains to success, but the reality is that success is subjective and different to everyone.

In my opinion, being a winner or a loser as a person has nothing to do with monetary gains or frivolous items acquired through life.

What truly separates people as winners and losers is their character and their mindset.

Here are some things to think about…

“A winner will assess failures and come up with a plan to succeed. A loser wallows in failure and thinks success is impossible.

A winner sets goals, takes action and follows through. A loser thinks about things they want to achieve but never takes the initial step to acquire the things they want.

A winner has a positive frame of mind even when times are difficult. A loser focuses on negatives and will crumble when faced with adversity.

A winner makes the best of any situation. A loser sees everything in black and white and fails to see the positive aspects that may come out of negativity.

A winner never gives up. A loser quits at the first major road block.

A winner has a set of core values that he or she stays true to. A loser compromises values and morality for the sake of greed and success.

A winner plans ahead and is well prepared. A loser fails to prepare and is often taken back by the tasks that they are confronted with.

A winner understands that through hard work the chance of success increases. A loser doesn’t put in the work because they feel success is based solely on luck.

A winner understands that there will come a time when someone is better than they are and this makes them gracious in defeat. A loser is disrespectful and shows no sportsmanship when they are outshone.

A winner rallies teammates and others when times get hard. A loser blames their teammates and points fingers during trying times.

A winner helps others on their way to the top. A loser pushes people down and steps on others to get ahead.

A winner is confident, but not cocky. A loser is pompous and looks down on others.

A winner works hard for what they want. A loser has a mindset that the world owes them something.”

So, the question is…. What are you?

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