The internet is full of awesome, interesting information. As teachers we need to use this to our advantage! So is YouTube for teachers? Can YouTube be a great reference?

You bet!

Using YouTube in the classroom breaks up the monotony of normal class activity, increases student engagement and helps convey messages in multiple ways.

Check out these resourceful YouTube channels!


Vsauce is a great channel. It battles many perplexing questions and delivers the answers to these questions in an awesomely entertaining way. The videos often delve into deeper, critical thinking type of solutions and can really help to spark intuitive ideas in your classroom.

Check out this video on the 5 second rule. Does it exist? Is food safe to eat if you pick it up before the 5 second mark? Find out!


If you are looking for new games to play in your physical education class then PhysEdGames is the YouTube Channel for you. The presentation on this channel is phenomenal. They diagram each activity while discussing rule specifics. Here is a video that demonstrates and describes the rules of Four Square Volleyball.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a virtual, YouTube classroom. It contains full lessons on a wide variety of topics. The best way to find a relevant topic for your class would be to use the search bar at the top of the channel home page. If you have students in your class who speak languages other than English, there are multiple translations of the lessons. You can find these videos in the “featured channel” section on the right side of the home page. This video on Italy’s role in World War I is insightful. Check it out.


VicsNatural is one of my personal favorites. Vic’s thoughts and ideas on training mesh very well with mine. Vic eloquently educates on bodybuilding protocol, form, and nutrition. He beats posture to death in his presentations and I applaud him for this. Posture is integral in all of your movements. Any physical educator, coach, personal trainer or fitness enthusiast can learn from Vic and should absolutely use his channel as a reference. Here is Vic’s take on pull ups.

So what YouTube channels have you found resourceful? Leave your comments below!